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I still consider myself a newbie here. I see Bottom Line thread is on sale at Superior. I have used it and like it. I am now going to order some in. Do any of you have some advice on certain colors of thread you use more than others? And I'm sure this has been discussed before on forums but do you have a preference of what kind of thread you like? What brand?

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Bottom Line is great for blending since is is super thin. Colors I keep on hand are lace white, natural white, cream, tan, taupe, red, gold, navy, black, and a medium brown. I have lots of other colors as well but these listed are what I use most.

The taupe is a color that works great on most everything.

So Fine is great as well--a bit thicker, but with a cotton finish rather than a shine like other poly thread.

I've recently tried Magnifico and like it a lot. I use Highlights and Rainbows as well. I've sold most of my King Tut.

Have you set up a wholesale account at Superior yet?


Other brands I use--Metro, Fil-tec, Signature for kids quilts, Rheingold for metallics, and Fil-tec Essence for invisible thread.

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I also use a light and a darker gray as those tend to blend really well with a lot of colors especially purples.  I have started using the fil ted magnetic bobbins and love those…easy and I never have tension issues….last time I was at MQX I bought a big box of six of their neutral colors and am still using them...

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