Putting "Maddie" my Millennium to bed for winter

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We are leaving for FL on Saturday for the winter. "Maddie" aka Millie is going to be in my basement with a temp of about 50-55 degrees. My question is is there anything I should be sure to do to her before I leave? Will probably be here all alone until at least April 1. I want to make sure she's properly cared for until I return. Any advice is welcome!

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if the basement tends to get moist, put out a couple moisture packs in a large foil type container, to contain the liquids it might draw out.


I think I'd just make sure she is clean and the wicks properly oiled.  Wouldn't want to clean then oil without cleaning excess off.  The oil

can become thick and rancid.


Good Luck, and enjoy the so regions. 


If you come near or thru Sanford NC, give a yelp and we can have coffee.. if you'd like/have time, etc.



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Simple and you probably thought of it, but I would unplug it to prevent damage from power surges etc. Even with a surge protector they can be overwhelmed if the surge is big enough (that is why surge protectors are only rated for a certain amount of joules of energy). Hopefully Dawn or someone from APQS will chime in to help, or you could call them. 

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Rita, that would be fun. Not sure where Sanford NC is or if we would be near there. I will send you a message if we get near you. And Janice I'm sure you would take care of Maddie but you're a little far away from PA. And yes Dave I'm careful to unplug her anytime I'm not using her so nothing happens to her.

My basement is always dry so I don't think I will need any moisture packs. I will clean and oil her good before I leave. Thanks for the advice! I may give APQS a call to make sure I've done what I need to do.

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Hi Debbie. We are starting out near Apopka where our daughter lives. From there traveling to the west coast. Some friends are in Homasassa. We will stay near them for awhile. Then we plan on traveling down the west coast toward Naples. Our son lives there. We travel in 5th wheel so we will be moving around this year. Vickie sent me a pm. Are you near her?

And Diane...enjoy your winter in Vegas. I know you'll be busy there. We need to get together when you get home.

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Ann, I know this is sAt. and I'm belated with info.


The little town over on I-95, is called Benson.  We are about 90 minutes from

there, depending on the traffic.


Should you like to meet up, take the exit #79, go to the right, then left into the shopping

center that has McD, Food Lion and Pizza hut.   If you want, please call us before you get

to Raleigh, probably just after you cross into NC.  That will give us time to get gone.


We drive a Honda Oddesy,  and it has Support our troups, USA ribbons, like breast cancer shape. 


It also has a small 12 by about 4 sticker top center of windshield.  They use to be the base registration



I also have a Hang Up and Drive sticker on the right front fender.


I will pm you the phone number.   Would really like to meet up.. sounds like fun over a cuppa and pie

or pizza, or something similar.. lunch? 



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