Having some problems. Need some input on this.

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Did you check the timing after you broke the ruler?  There's an easy check for MIllie, it's described in the manual.  I'd think it's the same with the Ultimate.  You put the needle in the down position and use a flashlight to look at the tip of the needle.  It needs to extend below the bobbin case a tiny amount.  

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Typically when the top thread breaks but picks right back up just a bit later it is a sign that there is a burr on the hook which has snapped the thread and held onto it just long enough for it to pick back up again. If you've broken a needle chances are high that you have burr you need to find. The biggest place to look is in the thumb of the hook. It looks like the thumb on a mitten. Sometimes you can drag your nail along the thumb and find the burr as it will catch your thumb. Or, use some cheap poly batt and you'll see where it snags. 


You'll use some sandpaper made for metal with a high grit to polish the burr off the hook. I have some over in the APQS supplies section of my website that might help. Just stay away from the tippy tip of the hook. You do not want to sand it. 


You can also call the factory and they can email you a pdf showing where on the hook you want to look for the burr as well as give you more info on how to troubleshoot it.

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