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I'm a day late but that's how the season is going for me! We have a friend who invites us for dinner every year along with three other couples, we all bring little gifts, it's really a special time. This is my gift for the ladies, bottle of wine included. I have to say they were very labor intensive, don't think I'll do them again....but they're cute! Hope my photo works...


image by riciclare, on Flickr

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Well I'm not the energizer bunny, but I can do so much more in a day since I got my Quilt Path. Today I pieced 2 minkee quilts and quilted 4 minkee quilts. Will go set up the grids and table for craft show tomorrow, then bind 4 quilts and load a customer quilt. Goal is bed by 11. If not I will take my sewing machine and bind quilts tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend, anyone want to come clean my house, Christmas shop, birthday shop for my grandson, his birthday is the 22nd and put up the tree and wrap presents. 3 customer quilts to go and I have to go pick my mother up Wednesday and Wong be back til Friday. Guess I need the energizer bunny!


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