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Now, once you start this, they're going to want PJs for all occasions.  I'd love to see what you come up with on Halloween. The girls are so adorable, Heidi.

LOL nope just pj's for Christmas.  I started it for Kailey's first Christmas.  They get their baby their first Christmas and then matching pj's going on.  My hope is to do it until they are 18 and they'll have something to pass along to their children.  Kailey's baby has blonde hair and Sophia's is brunette.  This makes it easy so they can tell them apart.  I just love the pictures and can't wait to see them in them for myself!

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Michael says he only wears shorts and t-shirt to sleep in.. not interested in anything

"Home made!"  lol


Laura says her shorts and Tshirts are just fine, doesn't need anything,


Ashley says she just sleeps in a Tshirt.  So


being 18 to 21 to 25 in ages,, they are the ones that know what they are comfy 

in, and if they need more.


The best part about the other gramma's tradition, is she's not done it since

Valerie told her I was the one that started the tradition about 3 years before

she did. 


I won't bother with it.



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