Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob

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I picked up this video for free at MQX (I think they have been giving it away for free on the Superior thread site too, though the offer may be time limited). I have to admit I did not know how they would fill 1 hour and 45 min with thread talk…well he did and it was really informative…especially for a newbie. I can really highly recommend it for those who are curious…and for free, the price was really right!

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I didn't even think the whole time had gone by…lots of little tips on needle types (topstitch was their recommendation) as well as what to look for in metallics to make sure you "got a good one" to tension settings etc…designed for a broad audience of sewers, not just longarmers but I found it really interesting…many may know all of this, but I feel like I learned a lot!

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We took the Thread Therapy seminar with Bob a few years ago.  He talked for over an hour straight without mentioning Superior Threads once.  I purchased his DVD a couple of years ago and I think it should be one of the first things in a newbies toolbox.



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Giant Lightbulb Moment !!  :)


Yes.....Years ago, I attended Bob's "Threadology" class at MQS and while I was watching Bob's demonstraiton on stage describing the concepts behind thread and was right then and there that I had the "Ta Da!!!"  giant lightbulb moment and I realized... "DUH!" it finally clicked in my head... "By George, I think I've GOT IT" and that is when I understood the mystery behind thread tension!  It was a moment that had stopped in time. I will never forget I listened to Bob's speech, he was holding up a giant sized needle and walking around... I smiled and glanced directly above my head ...and there it was. This giant lightbulb was shining brightly.... Indeed!  Shining brightly above me.  I couldn't wait to get home to my longarm machine and play with the tension on my machine.


PS: My Threadology PhD still hangs proudly in my sewing room.

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