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On the quilts I quilt with Penny now, I roll the quilt to the bottom, and find the spot

I want to put the label, which is on the left side and just up from the bottom.


At first I was pinning them on, now I use glue stick, and put the label where I want

it.  Since the label is on the right side of the backing, where it can't be seen to sew

I mark the wrong side of the backing with the outline of the label and sew it on with

Penny.  I then continue with the quilting without the frustration of trying to add the

label by hand when done.  The thread color doesn't seem to affect the label.  I

usually sew it on about 6" from the bottom, but line up one side a couple inches in

to get it on straight.


I find this much easier.  

I also found out it was easier to fill the label out with pertinent info, before putting

it on the quilt back.


Just remember you cannot see the label when it is on the quilt back properly placed.



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Great idea, Rita!  I'm going to try this on my next quilt. 


Del, I have also done it your way too and that works great.  But sometimes I don't want to take the time to switch over to embroidery on my DSM so then I regret it later when I have to make a label and attach it by hand................handwork is definitely NOT my favorite thing to do!  :wacko:

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I embroider mine on the backing, usually just a couple of shades darker than the backing.  It can't be removed that way, but it can be covered up with another label.  I have embroidered my label on the front of the quilt on the border edge in the same color of the border on a few quilts I've made. It makes it harder to cover that way.

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