HELP--got BLISS--but problems

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I need your help.   I got the BLISS upgrade which my husband and I installed and I am sure we have all the connections connected back up correctly.    I was going to quilt a quilt just now but my stitch regulator isn't working correctly.   My vertical stitches are working perfect but when I make circles, I have many various long stitches.   Something must not be just right with the encoder for the horizontal stitches.   Where is that encoder located?   What can I try to do to remedy this situation?  I really wanted to do that quilt tonight and now I am having sitch regulator problems.  UGH!

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Which machine do you have?

The horizontal encoder is part of the Bliss Carriage.   I was going to ask if you had used a grounding wire but I think the new  carriages have that inbuilt too.


Remove all the cables from the carriage and replug in just  in case you haven't quite got it seated correctly.

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We've tried everything.   I do not have Quilt Glide on my Freedom.   I found some directions on here from when someone else had a problem with encoders after installing bliss.   We followed those directions and checked the black wheel by the silver wheel (under the carriage shaft) and that all seemed ok to us.   That would be the horizontal encoder and that is what my problem is.   (The vertical encoder is working fine).   The plug-in for the horizontal encoder only lights up on the left side.   We notice the plug-in for the vertical encoder lights up on both sides.   Could it be that I have a defective encoder?    Seems to us that the light on both left side and right side should light up on the horizontal encoder--just like it does on the vertical encoder.  I am very frustrated as I had a Tin Lizzie  for 10 months prior to buying the APQS Freedom and I had 2 horizontal encoders go out on it during the 10 months I had it and that is why I got rid of it.   That is how I knew right away today that my problem was the horizontal encoder --when it stitched perfectly vertically but makes long stitches on the horizontal part of my circles.  Frustrating!   I will send an email to Dawn but would appreciate anyone else's input here if you think it is still something I can adjust myself.

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I want to update everyone.  Dawn sent me trouble shooting directions which I followed and it was definitely the horizontal encoder that didn't work.  APQS sent me the new parts (overnight) which I didn't get until 5 days later because of all that ice roads/weather we were having at that time.   That was not APQS fault.  Anyway, I have quilted a quilt with my Bliss and it IS BLISS!   I love it.   And I did not find that there was a new learning curve with Bliss like lots of people say there is.   I thought I had better control of my machine even though it moves so easily now.   I am so glad I got it, it was money well spent.

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