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Help with Tension Please

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Hello everyone.  I am having a terrible time with my tension lately and I could really use some suggestions.  I have had my Lucey for a little over a year now, and in that time, I've had on again, off again tension issues. 
Right now, what happens is that I can stitch along for a few stitches and it looks fine....then.....all the stitiches look like they are one long stitch.  It's not "skipping" looks like all the stitches are there.....but they just look like one long stitch.  So, I thought maybe my top tension was too I loosened it.  THEN....I get loops and train tracks on the back.  So, I tighten the bobbin tension......then it seems ok for a few stitiches, then the same thing happens again.  I am so frustrated!

I have attached a all just looks terrible to me at this point!!


I am willing to take ANY and ALL suggestions on things to try!!! 








Chris & Lucey

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Do you have a new bobbin case and new bobbin to try, in case the ones you are using is out of round.

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