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Help Milly won't turn on

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I am hoping someone is online that can help me. I have been working on a quilt that needs to get done and although my quilt path is on my Milly shut down and won't turn on. I Have shut if all down but Milly won't come on. I have checked the surge protector and the plug all are plugged in. No power no light no nothing. Any suggestionis?

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Start from the power source and work you way to your machine.   Is the GFI wall outlet popped, check to see if outlet powered using nightlight.  Yes, then is power strip circuit breaker popped, check to see if strip powered using nightlight.  Yes, do you have an extension cord to your machine, is there power at the end of the cord?  Was the fuse you replaced good?  Use a volt meter to ensure it is not broken, do an Ohms check; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iHRESNMFAg  

All good and you only have one fuse, call APQS come Monday.  They will have you up and running in no time.


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