Help me find this ruler.

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Ok I know I wasn't dreaming. Before Christmas I seen a ruler to make circles. Little circles, the ruler came apart in half, you put it around four hopping foot, stitched a circle, slid ruler over and did the next one. All the circles the same size and connected on one side. I thought it was Jamie Wallen or Dusty Farrell, but I can't locate it.

I have one of my quilts I want to use this on and I need to order it, but cannot find it. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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I have a question about the ruler. I have tried to bring up a demo or a quilt that was done so I can see what this looks like but nothing will come up. I went to the site listed above but all I can get is a picture of the ruler. Does anyone know where I can see something quilted with this ruler? Thanks maybe I'm just having a blonde moment lol

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I have this little ruler that comes apart to make circles.  The largest circles are about 1 1/2 inches.  I have never used the smallest ones.  I have used it quite a bit. My only complaint is that it comes apart sometimes when I am sewing, so it messes up that circle and I have to frog it and redo it.

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I just spent several days at a retreat with no one I knew there with me.


After this wonderful experience, I will always go with the person Who Actually Came out with the FIRST tool,

device, ruler, etc.. and make sure they receive credit for the work They Spent Creating it.


I pray DeLoa had/has a patent pending on her rulers.. ALL of them!


Yes, I came back with a mouth, and will continue to use it to support and when I can, protect the ORIGINAL




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Please remember that no one can patent a shape. Anyone can make a ruler using any shape. Patents are expensive to apply for and even more expensive to enforce. Only the lawyers win when there are problems.


I agree that if you can determine the first maker of a specific ruler maybe buy that one. But people shop availability and price (including shipping) when they make a purchase. I see copy-cats all the time. And even several of Den's creations have been "borrowed" or out-right copied. He doesn't ever fret about it. ;) In fact, the crosshatching rulers weren't something he particularly wanted to make for sale, so at the beginning he offered free instructions on how to make them.

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