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Hubby says we might be taking a trip to Des Moines in a couple of weeks, would I want to stop in the show room to check out that computer thing I've been talking about.  Ummm YES!


So a couple of questions


Is a separate computer needed besides the tablet that runs the machine?

Can I download patterns right to the tablet?  

We are an Apple family so will there be a compatibility issue?


I have a 2009 Lenni with no bells or whistles, she really doesn't have a lot of hours on her.  Will I be able to just change out the table and use the head?  I'm not sure if I can talk him into both the machine and the quilt path.  Hope who ever is in the show room that day is a good convincer!


A business side question, are the rates you charge for E2E and custom the same for computerized quilting as for free hand?

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How exciting! 

I'm a total Mac girl too so I know your concerns. Quilt Path comes with a Windows based tablet that mounts to the machine. It can be popped off so you can play with it on the couch if you'd like. 


With Quilt Path you'll also get the software to load to a different computer so you can work on things while Quilt Path is working. I have Parallels running on my Mac with Windows so I can just flip over to that side of my apple computer to work with the Quilt Path software in simulation mode. 


Are you considering upgrading your table to Bliss? Be sure you look at Bliss while you are in the showroom. You'll be amazed at how luscious it makes your machine feel. 


I charge .02/sq in for all over edge to edge. I do not charge differently for computer vs freehand. It isn't a conversation I have at all with my customers. They just want it done and don't really care about how I accomplish it as long as it looks good. 


You can download patterns right to the tablet but most pattern companies are going to sell you a compressed file that includes oodles of other file types for all the different computerized systems out there. Instead, just use your Mac to download the pattern files, unzip them, and move the pattern you want to use to the jump drive for Quilt Path to bring the pattern you want into the system. You won't need windows to download patterns/unzip/move them. 



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I have an older machine. I added Quilt Path. You add brackets, motors and a new carriage to your existing set up. I did not upgrade to Bliss as I'm perfectly happy with what I have. I have not regretted added Quilt Path as it really helped during the Christmas Crunch. As with any system you just need to play with it and use it to figure it out. I have contact with several others with Quilt Path and we learn from each other. We all seem to do different things with our systems. I'm not sure how long the wait is for a system, I waited several months for mine last year. As with any new system, they are making upgrades and adding feAtures.

I have a windows computer, as well as an iPad. I cannot help with your compatibility question between PC and Apple. I. Still figuring out my IPad.

There are blogs on Quilt Path, and I plan on starting one this month also.

Enjoy, it is not difficult to add at all.


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I use my ipad for  several things and love it but I don't have any issues going back and forth between it and the tablet that runs my Quilt Path.  Yes, the tablet is Windows and the Ipad is not but it really is no big deal.  Both are easy to use :)  


I download designs to my laptop and then put the file I want on a jump drive (USB stick) and transfer to the QP tablet...easy peasy!!

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