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Where to Buy New Belt?


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This might be a dumb question - but I didn't see a belt in the "order parts" section - where can I get a new belt for my APQS Ultimate 1??  I'm going to call here in a moment if no one pipes up...I changed the motor brushes for the first time a few months ago and it is acting funny again so I opened it up to make sure the spring was pushing the brushes down right and when I went to put it back together - I snapped the belt in half!  UGH!!!  I am kind of hoping this might be something I can pick up at the hardware store!  LOL  I have a quilt that was supposed to be done days ago!  :(  :(  :(

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Yay!!!  Thank you so much Marci and THANK YOU Nigel for your thoughtfulness too!!  I truly appreciate it...and I'll give the local sewing machine guy a call and see if they carry them...this is GOOD TO KNOW!!  :)


Haha Marci YES that is green grass!!!  Can you believe it!!?  Christmas we had about three feet of snow out there and just this past week we've had a "heat wave"...at least for January.  Almost 50 degrees one day!  So now we have lots and lots of MUCKY YUCKY MUD!!!  Eww!


...and guess what?  It's snowing!  ;)  Lol!

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