I only played a teeny tiny little part in the big plan.....

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... but my heart soars with pride!  :)   I was honored when one of my longarm quilting customers (a local politician) called me to ask if I would donate my services to quilt some quilts for a newly constructed homeless shelter in our community for youth and teens. I said of course!  Fifteen hand made quilts were given to me to help finish. These beautiful, colorful quilts will be draping across the beds in the shelter. It makes me so proud that I am able to contribute to the greater good in my community and play a small part in helping those young kids who need a safe, warm place to sleep, and people to give them love and guidance from their scary world which is filled with uncertainty. It's the little things we all do that add up to an enormous positive result. Here is a story if you want to read more.



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I watched a TV program on PBS last night about the wild mustang horses and how some of them are captured from the wild open land, then these horses spend the next five-six months working 24/7 with a trainer to become saddle broken. Then they are auctioned off to families so they may spend the remainder of their lives on farms living with humans. During the program, it showed the fear of the wild horse during the beginning days, and gradually the horse learned to trust its trainer. It takes patience, it takes kindness in order for the human to earn the horse's trust. In the end, that horse has confidence and would do anything you ask it to do for you. This analogy is the same with our youth who are lost in the wilds of the world... these kids need patience and they need kindness in order for us to earn their trust. What happens as a result is these kids become confident. These homeless kids are like the wild mustang. With our help, love, guidance,,, they can learn the ways of the world and be confident in it.

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