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How would you quilt "Dancing Umbrella" ?

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Have any of you seen the quilt by Laundry Basket Quilts called "Dancing Umbrella"?   They are appliqued umbrellas that appear to be tumbling.    I just finished its 30 blocks and am about to put it on my long-arm using IQ.   Have any of you quilted this or seen it quilted?  I am wondering what computerized stitch pattern might look good with it and in what scale.  Your input is always so refreshing!



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Carol, did you applique it by hand or on your machine?  I've had that pattern forever and want to do it, but haven't made up my mind how I want to applique it.  I saved this picture from the net with some quilting I liked.  It was done by RoseCity Quilter.  It looks like an all over pattern and reminds of a the wind.


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Shirley ~ I do have a raindrop pattern that came with my IQ--I will look at that.

Oma ~ that is a wonderful pattern.  The wind is perfect.  Thanks.  It is fusible applique.  With today's fusible materials, I don't know that I'm going to do anything further with it, it is so well anchored. 

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