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Decorative Stitching in Sashing

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On a heirloom baby quilt done in machine embroidery I used my Viking Designer 1 to stitch a decorative vine the length of all the sashing on both sides of the sashing following the center of the seam lines.  I used stabilizer (1 layer) to prevent puckering, yet when I was done all the blocks had a puffiness to them that was not there before doing the decorative stitching.  The one factor I think may have been most responsible was that the fabric I used because I liked its sheen also had some stretch to it.  Has anyone ran into problems doing machine decorative sashings that created puffiness in their blocks?


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I have a D1 and haven't used it for a quilt but have done some fleece embroidery and also little embroidery wall hangings.  I am unsure if you are using a hoop to do the vine or are you using one of the stitches?  I have found that I often get a better stitchout when I don't hoop the fabric but use the "fix" function to attach the fabric layer to the hooped stabilizer and I sometimes use two layers of stabilizer at right angles...also sometimes I have needed to loosen the top tension a little.  It is easy to stretch the fabric a bit when hooping it.  There are Viking groups on yahoo but the D1 group is not very active....but the newer machine groups are fairly active and there is an embroidery software for 6D also...Lin

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