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After dreaming about Bliss for about a year,I finally got it.   I absolutely love it!    I should have just ordered it when I originally bought my machine 2 years ago but I was on a tight budget at the time--so now I was able to do the upgrade.   For those of you who don't have it, you are missing out.    Everyone says there is a new learning curve with Bliss.   I did not feel there was at all.  I feel I am able to control my machine even better--even though it now moves so easily.   And for anyone who gets the Bliss, it is very easy to install yourself.  

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Congratulations on your new Bliss. I think that you are right about missing out without it.  I went to the opening of the new APQS store this morning in S. California.  I played on one of the new Freddie machines with Bliss.  I think that I will have to add Bliss to my wish list, it made moving the machine so much easier.    It was a fun morning with Dawn, Jim and Tony there from IA.  It was great to meet the new staff members and know that help is much closer at hand!

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