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We Met Meg!

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Hey everyone,


 Just had to let you know that Meg from Central New York came to SW Florida and Vickie (Beachside Quilter) and Debbie (Heirloom Quilter) were able to met Meg in person at the SW FL Quilters Guild show in North Fort Myers today!  What a sweetheart Meg is.  We had an enjoyable time looking at all of the ribbons on the quilts that Vickie had in the show.  Way to go Vickie!  If anyone else is coming to SW Florida please post it on the forum.  We'd love to meet you too! :)  Oh, and here's a photo of the three of us.


IMG_0428 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr


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I can't say how much I appreciate your walking me thru the show, Debbie.

You're a doll, I really enjoyed your company.

It was fun rubbing elbows with the Quilter of the Year, too.

Congratulations to Vickie on her award AND her ribbons.

Don't forget to send me the info on your guilds' show, Debbie.

I have to say, I had no idea how Quilty this area was...what a great surprise.

Hope to see you both soon!

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