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Help Bobbin Thread Breaking

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Hi I have been having bobbin thread breaking a lot, sometimes 5 times or more with one quilt. I clean the bobbin area as the manual says. When the thread breaks it gets caught between the silver finger and the black basket in back. When it happens I clean with WD40 and then oil. I may get one full pass and it breaks again. It's not tension, the only thing I can think of is a burr. Can someone help please? How do you check for burrs in the hook assembly?


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 was having a terrible time yesterday with the invisible thread I've used with great success on most of the quilt.

I kept checking and checking, and finally found out when it snapped one time, it had wrapped itself around

itself, between the check spring and Lhook and the takeup lever..  Well, that helped a little but it kept breaking. 

Rethread, breaking, just a mess. I finally totally rethreaded, used a dab of Sewers Aid on the thread, checked

everywhere for wear marks, chips, grooves, nothing there. 


I took the bobbin out and checked the tension, very good.. what I had been using.  Looked at the bobbin I took

out, and noticed the new bobbin was complete, I'd not taken the cardboard out on the side that went into the

bobbin case.  I took that off, reset it and on a scrap of checking stitching, It worked perfectly.


A silly cause,. and I thank the Lord I was able to find it so I can finish this quilt.  It's a beauty, but I'm getting

anxious to start on the next one.   lol     I will be finished with this one today, checking all seams, for thread tails, etc. 



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