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Thank you forum members, Kimmy, and Deloa!

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I have been intimidated by ruler work ever since I got Emmeline.  A couple of incidents where the ruler tipped off the extended base didn't help.


Before Christmas, the topic of Craftsy classes came up, and Kimmy Brunner's Machine Quilting with Templates was recommended, including the fact that it might go on sale.  Well, it did, and I signed up for it.  What a great class! 


Another topic was the best rulers for various uses, including curves.  Deloa's boomerangs were one of the recommendations.  After watching her YouTube videos and all of Kimmy's class videos, I bought the boomerangs (very speedy shipping!) and started in.


A friend pieced this top as a retirement gift for a beloved teacher at our daughters' former K-8th grade school.  Various people submitted written tributes, which were printed on fabric for the project.  Three years after the retirement, I got the top to quilt.  Naturally, I wanted to do a really great job for this wonderful woman, so I waited for inspiration - for 8 months. :(


Kimmy's class and Deloa's boomerangs were just the inspiration I needed.  I wanted to do something simple, so the tributes remained the main focus, but it needed to be pretty, too.  This is not fancy, but I am very happy with the result, and I hope the recipient is, too.


Thanks to my forum friends, I learned a new skill! 




quilting with Emmeline, a 2011 Freedom SR

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Betsy, nice job on the tribute quilt.  I've had my machine longer, but I don't do the volume of quilts others on the forum quilt.  So, I still try to learn something on every quilt.  Great job taking the class and then taking the plunge on a quilt.



Lynn Founatin

Fountain Fiber Arts, LLC

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