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Dawn Cavanaugh,


We saw a I think road show, listed close enough for us to go to, and signed up

We already have the Lenni, and am just as happy with her as I can be!


Is it wrong to go to the show when all we really are interested in is the

maintenance  part, or


Is that class held to help anyone who does or doesn't own an APQS machine?


Rita in NC

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Rita - I'm not Dawn (of course), but I think the Road Show is mainly for people who are interested in trying out the machines.  That could be you!  Even though you have the Lenni - you can go look at them all and ask questions and find out more about maintenance.  APQS people are informative and friendly, so I don't think the trip will be wasted.  Go, get more info, and have fun!

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Rita, I can't imagine why the roadshow crew wouldn't love to have a happy customer in the audience. Realize though, that the roadshow isn't a class--- it's a presentation to sell machines and there won't be any maintenance information in the presentation beyond the assurance that maintenance is easily done by the owner, it's covered in the manual and that techs are available with a phone call to Iowa if you have a problem. I bet someone will be happy to answer questions after the presentation, but perhaps verify with the person who you made your reservation with.

I drove to a roadshow in Oregon to try (and buy!) Bliss. More than half the audience was there for the same reason, but probably the audience for your show will be newbies.

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When I went to the Road Show where I decided to buy an APQS, it was very helpful talking to people that were there that already had a machine. It was so comforting to hear their stories and how much they loved their machines. So in a big way, it probably helped my decision to buy, and I bet they realize this.


Some were trying out the Bliss system which they didn't have yet, some were checking out what was new I guess too. So I would imagine APQS would love to have you. The more bodies in the room, the better it looks ;-)

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I went to a roadshow in Oregon to ask questions, try things out, AND place my order!

Also, don't just rely on the calendar for roadshow locations... They add them over time. I checked with Mark at the factory, he told me they would be nearby but was not certain of the date. I kept checking and after a few months it got posted (and Zi got an e-mail...maybe check with sales if you haven't done so already.

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All the responses here are great and right on. Current owners are more than welcome at Road Shows. You never know what interesting info you might pick up! The guys talk about thread, batting, starting a business, and then show all the APQS machines and their features. While it isn't really a "class" with maintenance tips that are in-depth, you can certainly participate. If nothing else, it's fun to see what's new on the machines and meet other like-minded people who love to quilt! :)

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I thank all of you for the info.


No fear of walking in, or Out, with a new machine ordered.. I just wish they'd change

the needle bar so I could order the foot I'm drooling over, without having to send it to



At our age we need to cut down on buying $$ things, get the credit card back down to

zero, (not far to go) and downsize the house stuff and Quilt related things we don't

need or use.  Magazines, books, etc.  Less for the kids to deal with, especially when it

is considered junk and of no interest, and one would want everything, and never use it.


I'm trying to make it known that the Lenni and computer for it, are to be sold for a fair

market price, which they can get thru APQS and Side Saddle.


Anyway, thoughts are wandering, and I need to be wandering around the house to a

project.. one of the 3 or 4 I'm working on. :P    :lol:

Thanks, again,



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