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pulley system to support quilts

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Today my husband and I put up a system over my Tiara to support the quilt so it is not always falling into my lap, creating a drag.  We put eye hooks in ceiling, suspended 2 bungee cords, and put a strong clamp on the ends. He drilled a hole thru the clamps so I could put them on the cord hooks. Now I can clamp up my quilt, a few inches above the table, to support it!!  The bungee cords are adjustable.  It is fabulous and cost VERY little, maybe $14.  I may put up one or two more since there is another stud up in the ceiling.  I saw people on the internet do this, and Leah Day, and you can check out a portable system you can buy called Jennoop.  There is also one shown on the "Piece of Cake" blog.  I think this is really going to help me and I hope it helps you.  I am not affiliated with any of these people, just a good idea.

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