Funky, Fabulous Dresden Plate Quilt- Done!

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I have a customer who is a wonderful free spirt. She loves colors and isn't afraid of bold prints. I always enjoy doing her quilts. This time it was a Dresden Plate that would be at home with Alice in Wonderland. 


I've been super inspired lately to play with more rulers and battings. I did a double batt of Hobbs 80/20 for this quilt and I don't think I'll do that again. It was just so incredibly heavy when I was done. Plus, I needed to raise my hopping foot to compensate for all that batting under the foot. So far my favorite double batt combo is wool on top with either cotton or 80/20 under that. I've been tempted to play with poly on top instead of wool because wool is just so incredibly pricey! I used Omni thread. 



The center plate in the quilt had solid purple setting blocks around it. I decided to explode the quilt from the center out with angular lines shooting out North, South, East, West. Between the lines was some pebbles to keep it from getting to angular. I like how it created a center medallion to the quilt with the ruler work. 


I used a spinning curl in the actual plates using my IQ. 



In the kite shaped setting blocks I treated the full polka dot ones with a scimitar feather. At least, that's what I call it. It reminds me of the swords the soldiers in the Aladdin movie run around with. I think it is my favorite feather. 



In the combo purple and polka dot kite blocks I did some curved ruler work. 





More photos are over on my blog

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Angela, do a google search for "Periwinkle Quilt" then click on images.  It looks so different with each fabric choice and placement.  Very easy quilt and looks so grand when finished.  I've started a "mini" block.  In my pic the block hasn't been trimmed yet, but it will be trimmed to 5½" then will be a 5" finished block.  It will look so cool when finished.


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