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Does anyone know how to rotate a block pattern?

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I am doing a custom quilt and have downloaded a couple of designs that would be perfect for the quilt.  My problem is I cannot figure out how to rotate the designs.  Specifically, I need to quilt a directional design in the setting triangles.  The design as downloaded, is in the correct orientation to quilt the setting triangles along the bottom of the quilt.  I need to rotate the pattern when I want to do the sides and the top.  Taking the quilt off and rotating the quilt IS NOT an option. 


I always stitch out the individual blocks using the Select and Sew - Patterns.


Any suggestions on how to rotate the designs?


I forgot to mention - that selecting the 3 points for the triangle does not work.  It does not rotate the design accordingly - just skews the design into the new "area".


I also have a corner design that is oriented correctly for the bottom right hand corner.  Again, I need to be able to rotate the design so I can do the other 3 corners.  How do I rotate a design?


I'm using QuiltPath.

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Hi RonieM

I hope you have this figured out by now, but just in case here are steps I used....

1. Go to Design & Create Pattern

2. Select Pattern

3. Make sure "Nodes" are on....If your pattern doesn't appear with a bunch of red circles or dots, you need to click on "Nodes" over on the top left side of the screen

4. Over on the right side of the screen click on "Select"

5. Click on "Select All"  ....all of the nodes should now be solid red dots

6.  Use the "Flip" and "Rotate" buttons until your pattern is oriented the way you want it.

7.  Save the file with a new name. 


I have no background in using software for creating or editing designs, so I literally spent hours trying to figure this simple procedure out.  Talk about frustrating, I was ready to scream.  Maybe there is a quicker way...if there is I don't know... Still can't believe there is no manual with instructions to execute such basic tasks!!  The one and only quilt I have managed to complete with Quilt Path took me days to finish...I spent more time searching for solutions and using the "trial and error" method than I did stitching.  ... argh....  :wacko: 

Pleeeeease APQS.... we need more tutorials!  Basic things like this might be easy for those who have experience with these types of programs, but for those of us with limited or no knowledge, the simplest of tasks are extremely frustrating and time consuming.  And please don't say the best way to learn is by "playing" with it... I have a full time job so I don't have the time, nor do I want to spend hours searching for answers, or composing forum posts to describe what I want to accomplish and then hoping someone will have an answer while I wait and my machine sits idle.  Quite frankly, that doesn't feel like "playing" to me.  I would have liked to open a manual and flip to a step by step instruction page that tells me exactly how to rotate a design. 

I'm not unhappy with Quilt Path... but I am unhappy with the lack of instruction.  I suspect I'm not alone. 

p.s.... thanks to Angela for your tutorials on your ThreadWaggle quilting blog... if I hadn't been able to work through your creating a panto lesson where you talked about "nodes", I would probably still be trying to figure out how to rotate a design. 

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I hate that you are frustrated.  If I can help, just ask.  


I am glad that the blog is helping.  I know how that software comes easily to me and I am glad that I can help.  I used to do software support for a living so this is a natural fit for me.   And I quilt full time, so I put a lot of hours on my system.  


Now if I could just talk all my customer into edge to edge quilting so that I could have more time to play...

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Thanks Angela.... I've got the first one under my belt, so I know the next will be easier.  And I admit I didn't start with the simplest plan either.  I could have done an easy panto, but oh no, I chose otherwise!  on a quilt for my 5 year old granddaughter no less.  (as if it will matter to her!)  I just figure that for the small fortune I've got invested in Quilt Path, I should be able to make it do what it's designed to do.  How does one do that without instructions?   Seriously, my frustration doesn't come from the software... I know it's a great program, and what I've been able to figure out has worked very well, although there were a couple minor hiccups with the program.  My frustration is due to the simple fact that the manual that came with it has virtually no useful instructions.  I bought Quilt Path because of all of the promises that came with it... to finish my quilts myself, use designs that I am not comfortable doing freehand, finish them in a timely manner and have fun in the process. 

I work all day on a computer, unfortunately nothing to do with design software.  The last thing I want to do after a long day at the office is to spend more time trying to make a computer do stuff, or go surfing for answers!  So I do look forward to your Tech Sunday posts.... thanks for all your efforts, I'm sure there are a million other things you could be doing with your time! 

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I understand.  I am still doing much of my custom work freehand.  It is what I built my business on and there are things that it is just so much faster for me to just do myself.  For instance, the quilt I did today, I freehanded the sashings and both borders and then did the blocks in Quilt Path.   


I did not do pantos for my customers and that is what I really purchased Quilt Path to do.  It does that extremely well.  I am will still use it do custom work, but probably not for entire quilts.  I kind of like having freehand and computer work on the same quilt.  


I will say that I have gotten really good at things like setting triangles, but I still do the borders freehand.  I am sure that will change but for now it works for me.  


I would imagine that I am doing what they thought would happening in the beginning.  That we would be doing mostly panto work and that there was time to get the more complex instructions done.  And then the to do list got re-prioritized.   I think that it is amazing how fast people have gotten to the more complex things that the software can do.  


I was doing some organization work on the blog the other day and realized that I had jumped right into the complex stuff and had never talked about some of the basic things, like what the different modes do for Pantostacker.  So that is what I am going to concentrate on next.  That way we can get new user to where QP is paying for itself.  Then I will jump back into more things with QuiltCAD.  


I have had fun playing with all the buttons in Basic Mode the last couple days and figure out what they actually do.  I know which settings do what I prefer and have just been using them.  With over 150 quilts done with my Quilt Path, I don't even really think about what I am pushing, I just do it.  Of those only about 15 were custom, the rest were all edge to edge pantos. 


I am a little bummed that I won't get to quilt for the next 3 weeks.  But I will get to play on some New Gen machines so that will be fun.  I have a serious case of "I wants" for a New Gen Mille.  My dream is to have two longarms.  Maybe with 2 computers, but I would be happy to just get the second machine for now.  

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Sharon M ~ Thank you SO much!!!  You literally saved me hours of frustration by including your instructions to flip a design.  I am so grateful that you took the time to post the instructions.  I'm trying to decide if I should take the introduction to quilt path class in Des Moines next month but I wanted to try on my own first.  With your instructions I was able to flip and rotate my design as needed to finish the sashing on a practice top.



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