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Hoping I do NOT have to frog

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Customer quilt-pieced backing-I do not cut the backs without them saying to-she of course is out of town needs it when she gets back.working on it over the weekend coming along nicely! Love the new thing I tried!  But as I advanced the quilt I apparently did not get the back tight enough where backing top is longer than the body of quilt back-

alittle bumpy and fuller there-any way to fix WITHOUT froging??????????

It's not a big area and it does even out but there are areas of pretty heavy quilting.

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There isn't really any way to fix it except to take the stitches out.  You'll have to determine if it's bad enough to frog.  Generally, if there aren't any puckers or pleats, I'll leave it.  Then again, I use sections from an old QSnap quilting frame on the sides of my quilt and check to make sure my quilt back is taut as I roll.  Hope it works out!

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If the backer is longer on one side, it's best practice to load it so the area you're working with is square and flat. You can easily do this without cutting the backer to square it. Determine by measuring where on the wonky side you can mark so the opposite edges are parallel. Then load the marked line to the leaders--not the slanted edge. I hope that made sense. I'm so familiar with this because I have one loaded now that was off by 5 inches. Don't depend on rolling back and forth to "even out" the discrepancy. It will help a bit but won't correct a really wonky backer and then you may have sags and pleats where you can't control them.

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