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CIRCLE LORD - Templates and boards for sale - ALL SOLD


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I have loved my Circle Lord and all of the templates and boards that I have acquired and am offering them for sale only because I have acquired Quilt Path and will no longer need them. 


If interested, please send a PM.




BUTTERFLY SET – 4 TEMPLATES                                         $115    SOLD

SPIRALS – 12”                                                                          $45     SOLD

GIANT SPIRAL – 1”, 18” TEMPLATE w/17” SPIRAL                $90     SOLD

CURVED CROSSHATCH                                                         $85    SOLD

GINKO MINI W/PATTERN BOOK                                             $45    SOLD

COGS                                                                                        $120    SOLD


SURF/HERRINGBONE MICRO FILLER                                   $125    SOLD

GREEK KEY/MAZE MICRO FILLER                                         $125    SOLD


PEBBLES BORDER SHORT SECTION                                    $35    SOLD





STAR DANCE - Q-1/2                                                                $215    SOLD

ZIG ZAG - KING                                                                         $250    SOLD

ZIG ZAG – DIAMOND – Q-1/2, 92”                                            $200    SOLD

RIBBLE – KING                                                                          $200    SOLD

SWIRLS – KING                                                                         $230    SOLD

TRILLIUM – Q-1/2                                                                      $200    SOLD

LILY – KING                                                                               $200     SOLD


CROSSHATCH FOR LONGARM                                              $200    

PUSH BUTTON SYSTEM FOR MILLENNIUM                         $100

             CROSSHATCH AND PUSH BUTTON                         $290    SOLD

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I just checked the tracking last night and the Circle Lords past FERNANDINA yesterday and are in Orlando waiting to come back north to Fernandina!  LOL


Can't wait for Monday! Say,Carmen, you did send me a little bit of your talent to go with the boards! Right?

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Marti, I have the following:




SPIRALS - 12"                                                                 $45    SOLD

GIANT SPIRAL, 1" - 18" TEMPLATE w/17" SPIRAL       $90    SOLD




LILY - KING                                                                    $200


Thank you for asking.  If interested please send a PM.

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