CIRCLE LORD - Templates and boards for sale - ALL SOLD

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I have loved my Circle Lord and all of the templates and boards that I have acquired and am offering them for sale only because I have acquired Quilt Path and will no longer need them. 


If interested, please send a PM.




BUTTERFLY SET – 4 TEMPLATES                                         $115    SOLD

SPIRALS – 12”                                                                          $45     SOLD

GIANT SPIRAL – 1”, 18” TEMPLATE w/17” SPIRAL                $90     SOLD

CURVED CROSSHATCH                                                         $85    SOLD

GINKO MINI W/PATTERN BOOK                                             $45    SOLD

COGS                                                                                        $120    SOLD


SURF/HERRINGBONE MICRO FILLER                                   $125    SOLD

GREEK KEY/MAZE MICRO FILLER                                         $125    SOLD


PEBBLES BORDER SHORT SECTION                                    $35    SOLD





STAR DANCE - Q-1/2                                                                $215    SOLD

ZIG ZAG - KING                                                                         $250    SOLD

ZIG ZAG – DIAMOND – Q-1/2, 92”                                            $200    SOLD

RIBBLE – KING                                                                          $200    SOLD

SWIRLS – KING                                                                         $230    SOLD

TRILLIUM – Q-1/2                                                                      $200    SOLD

LILY – KING                                                                               $200     SOLD


CROSSHATCH FOR LONGARM                                              $200    

PUSH BUTTON SYSTEM FOR MILLENNIUM                         $100

             CROSSHATCH AND PUSH BUTTON                         $290    SOLD

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Marti, I have the following:




SPIRALS - 12"                                                                 $45    SOLD

GIANT SPIRAL, 1" - 18" TEMPLATE w/17" SPIRAL       $90    SOLD




LILY - KING                                                                    $200


Thank you for asking.  If interested please send a PM.

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