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She has crazy hair.  Mama is trying to decide if she is going to do bangs because she has two cowlicks, one on each side and Mama does too and her mother made her have bangs and they were always a mess.  She doesn't want to do the same to Sophia.  DIL did the pony and it actually is just a saddle on a bail of hay.  Lori made the horse head.  It was so cute to take a picture of all the kids at the party.  Lori is super creative when it comes to things like that.  We told her she should have a side business.

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Heidi, been having so much trouble getting on and staying on line.. this reply is later than late..


I understand about the cowlicks, I'm told I have 4 or 5.  The one on the front left lets it lay to my right,

and the one on the right side lets it flip back. the one on the crown swirls clockwise and is going

to put the hair where it wants.


the one on the nape of my neck sends it the same way as the crown,  so when the hair from

them meet, it clashes.. fun to deal with, awful with straight hair and not too awful with curly hair.


She's a doll, no matter..  I can understand her Mom's delima.


She is going to have a time figuring it all out. 



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