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Just off the frame….Calenda Patterdrip by Crabapple Hill

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vicki,  nice compliments are well deserved.  It is pretty and I love the hand embroidery, was that your work too? 

I didn't fully understand if it is a quilt you made for Melanie, or the quilter on her quilt.. either way, it is beautiful,

and  your work goes right along with it.



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Thanks again!  Rita, Melanie is my customer, she does a lot of wonderful quilts and I quilt most of them for her. In fact I am hearing that we won honorable mention at hampton roads for the fall quilt, still waiting to see pictures on that…. I am so fortunate to have her for a long time customer and she continues to mail quilts to me since I have moved to TX.  I usually identify each quilt with the # of the quilt on my flckr acct but was downloading from another computer and did not have the # so I used her name….


Quiltedsunflower - I always use clear non-shiny mono poly and usually outline most of the embroidery to give it definition.  I use so fine to match the background to fill in the other details.  The only reason I don't use so fine on the entire quilt is that the clear is so forgiving if I should accidentally sew over an embroidery stitch and I can sneak over stitches sometimes to get to other areas to outline.  I used glide in a gold color to do the pieced blocks.  Also used fil-tec bobbins on the whole thing - such nice tension.  When I switch from the regular thread to mono I usually spin the tension one turn looser and then go back one turn tighter when I go back again.  No tension problems at all!  I love quilting these types of quilts because it gives you so much room to play with fun little ideas and fortunately my customer gives me the freedom to let me do whatever I want when I quilt for her.

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