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Bottom Tension Trouble

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Here are a few things that you can check to help... make sure your hopping foot height is correct for the batting you are using - standard height is 1 business card off the needle plate when it is in its lowest position. Higher loft battings require a bit more room, but no more than 3 business cards!!! Make sure your hopping foot is level as well - running over a ruler can bend the ring at the bottom of the hopping foot - you can level it out by gently prying up on the low side of the foot with a small screwdriver through the middle of the ring - once it is level, you may need to adjust the height again. Also, run your tension a bit looser on the bottom than you normally do, and a bit tighter on the top - this helps the thread get pulled up into the quilt sandwich. The LAST RESORT to help with tension problems is to replace the hook assembly - if you have broken a needle recently or wrapped a rag in your hook, you may have sprung the bobbin basket...this is the ONLY time when the hook assembly causes tension problems - it is not the timing that is the problem, but the hook assembly. If you grab a hold of the post in the middle of the bobbin basket (where you put your bobbin case) and it is really loose...this may be the problem!! There is usually a little bit of 'rattle' in the bobbin basket, but too much play in that basket makes it that much more difficult for the tension to be consistent. If you need to order a new hook assembly, call the factory and place an order - just a note - we're out of the office today due to the NASTY weather, but we'll be back on Monday, and will be happy to get it out to you!!!

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