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Hey Everyone, 


Vickie Oliver, aka Beachside Quilter, asked me to share some photos we took this weekend at the Naples Quilters Guild quilt show, here in Florida. 


We had a great day at the show.  She won 2 blue ribbons and one red ribbon.  If I have that wrong I'm sure she'll correct me. lol  The first picture is of us standing with her Family Tree Challenge quilt.  She won a first for this one.  It's a Totem Pole Quilt.  The second photo is a close up of her Modern Quilt and the third photo is of her Challenge quilt from the SWFQG.  She did an outstanding job on all three of these quilts.  I feel honored to have her as my mentor and friend.  


Hugs, Debbie


IMG_0480 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr
IMG_0460 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr
IMG_0445 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr


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Congratulations (times 3) Vickie! Your quilts are all fabulous! Thank you Debbie for posting. Hope to see you both soon!

Thanks Judy; Give us a call! My computer is out so I don't have email right now ; using my iPad to surf forum. Would love us all to get together while Meg is here. Just missed you at the Punta Gorda show!
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Congrats Debbie.  I Love the modern quilting you did, but that challenge quilt........OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE what I can see of it!


Thanks, Sheri!  The bottom picture is my challenge piece.  The "challenge" was to make a cherry basket block using a 1890's pattern which used 27 teeny triangles in the basket.  I used a class piece done in Irena Bluhm's coloring class as my center and added four paper pieced baskets in the corners.  Of course, I had to teach myself paper piecing to accomplish it. The triangles are smaller than a dime.  I hand colored the center and then trapuntoed it and added embellishments.  First time paper piecing, coloring, trapunto and embellishing.  I should have named it "Class Piece" :lol: .  Oh, best of all, it was all made from materials in my "stash".

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