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Newbie to the APQS family

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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself....my name is Adrean and I just purchased a new Freedom, yeah!! I have been quilting for over 15 years (mostly as a hand quilter). I got the longarm bug three years ago and haven't went back to my domestic machine since lol. I retired two years ago from the US Air Force after serving 29 yrs. I'm in the process of trying to start a business with my quilting...so please wish me luck.

I invite you to please check out some of my quilts on Instagram and Flickr just search for quiltfabulous . I'm working on a Facebook page and website.

Happy Quilting


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Hi Adrean!  Welcome to the APQS forum!  29 years in the USAF is a long time.  My husband did 20 and we loved every bit of it.  Thank you for your service.  Congratulations on your new Freedom.  I started out with the Liberty, discontinued by APQS a few years ago,  but now have a Millennium.  They are awesome machines.  The people here are very friendly and will chime in with answers for most questions you might have.  Again, welcome.  

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Welcome Adrean! If you've been bitten by the bug there's no going back! Good luck with your business venture, I'm sure you'll be successful! Just remember to give yourself time to learn. There's definitely a learning curve with these machines, but it's so satisfying when you finish a quilt and look at it and realize you can do this. And come here often! This is the most awesome place for encouragement, advice, and suggestions!

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Hi Adrean,  First  THANK YOU for SERVING FOR US.   I do so appreciate it.. hubby was in 22 years.


welcome to the forum.. it is fun, fantastic, and all that good stuff.. and full of info, full of yearning to see other people's work pict.. etc.


Don't be afraid to contribute to questions, experiences, general posts, etc.   Everyone's opinions are welcome, give diff angles to see things.


Hope you stick around.. You will Love that Freedom.    just remember to practice, practice, practice.. the same small element over and over for hours, days, and then refresh a bit every couple days.  it then becomes so easy, once your hand eye coordination meet the handles and the needle into the fabric.







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