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My husband gave me a good analogy on this topic.  He used to do "mudding" on drywall for people.  But if the drywall is not pieced together properly, if they used lots of pieces instead of whole sheets, if they did not put the "factory edge" in the right places, there is no way you can mud it so it will look good when it dries.  He refused jobs like that because he knew the outcome would not be satisfactory to the home owner.  Someone was trying to save money by using pieces, or just did not really know what they were doing.  Sort of the same thing.

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Hey Meg, I noticed your quote by Mother Teresa.  Have you read the book about her by Christopher Hitchens?  It is called, "Mother Teresa, the Missionary Position."  It is a great, factual, tho irreverent book about her.  Very interesting.  And it is TRUE!!  You can also watch the documentary on Youtube by the same name.  Christopher Hitchens was a brilliant British journalist who died a few years ago.

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To me today, it appears about 90% of the problems are the top and bottom borders are just not long enough for the size of the rest of the top.. So easy to fix, so sad to hear she was willing to leave it like that.


The last Quilt I did for the guild had 3 &4 seams sewing the borders on.. I removed some, make the border the same width and squared the quilt up.. Sure looked better.  The lady who assembled the top is getting close to 80 and seems to be declining.  Still it is fun for her to feel important, and still be able to join in on some of the activities.  My block, this was a going away quilt, wasn't included, so I appliqued a feature on the back that she likes, and the president embroidered my name as quilter on it.


Otherwise the one you passed it up is a beautiful top, made by an unknowing, untaught, or uncaring owner.. I don't like any of those choices!  lol



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