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Hi all!  I try to keep up on the forum, but haven't been posting much lately.  Dealing with a "Frozen Shoulder" and trying to decide on surgery or not.  Good thing is, I can still quilt.  If it wasn't for all the pain, I would just live with it.


This is my guild's 2014 Opportunity Quilt.  It is just stunning and was a pleasure to quilt.  It's all needle turn applique and is one of the best technical applique jobs I have ever seen.  Not a stitch out of place, loose or and flawed in any way.  I've had the pleasure of quilting 3 out of the last 4 years of the guild's opportunity quilts.  They've all been beautiful quilts.  I live over an hour away from where we meet, so quilting is my way of contributing to the guild as it's difficult for me to volunteer in other ways.  Most require extra meetings that I just live too far away to make.  Anyone wanting tickets can e-mail! :D







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Marilyn, I don't get your way often, but plan a day when you're in V.C. (I still own a house there) or Encinitas to come up to Julian.  Just about everyone in San Diego County comes up at least once a year for pie!  Love to meet other longarmers.  We all talk the same language!  You can find my info. under dealers!

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