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When we talk about warming up we mean unthreading the needle and running the motor at medium speed for a few minutes.  When warm the machine rotates more freely and that is why you need to warm up before adjusting the #8 screw.  If you adjust it cold when the machine warms up it will rotate too quickly and the needle will keep cycling.  Too be honest we generally don't warm the Millie up for more than 15 or 20 seconds after we oil the hook.  My machine with the I/S has a warm up mode that takes about 5 minutes and the needle positioner isn't really happy until the machine gets warm.  In Florida I wouldn't worry about it unless the machine has been sitting for a while or you need to make adjustments.



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I think the warm-up is to make sure the oil you apply to the hook areas and occasionally to the wicks is distributed. If my studio is cold and the heat then turned on, I let the machine chug along until the heat in the room is at a comfortable level for me to work. Seldom is the heat turned below 55 degrees so it doesn't take long. I do know that the warmer it is, the happier my machine is.

APQS recommends a 15 warm-up if you're going to adjust the needle positioner #8 screw.

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