What's the Correct Term for Calibrating QP?

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I've never calibrated my QP.  When I used the ruler to measure the width of the quilt, it gave me a 70" measurement vs. the 66" that it really was.


So I'm thinking I should calibrate it.  Probably should be one of the first things we do anyway.


But what is the correct term in the QP software for calibration.  I'm looking through the help file index for it, but calibration doesn't show up. 


I looked on Angela Clark's site, recalling she had a lesson for doing that, but couldn't find it.  Maybe because I don't know the correct term.



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OK, did it.  Went to Panto design, clicked Help, then Screen Scaling, then Reset.


I had already cut a piece of paper 3" square, put it on the screen and dragged the bottom right corner, portrayed on the screen, down to match the 3" square of paper.  Then clicked OK.  So I guess it's DONE.


One more thing I learned.  Thanks Karen.

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I have the opposite problem as Georgene.  My ruler (Mr. Stanley)  usually measures 2-3 inches wider than the quilt path ruler. I scaled my screen awhile back but it didn't make a difference for this issue. I use the measurements supplied because it's what QP is going to do anyway. I only wish I could figure out how far off the length of the quilt will be so I could stop running off the bottom. Anyone else with this issue?




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Carmen, I think you will get a personal message within Facebook, similar to those we get on this forum. It will say that you are accepted. You'll know you have a message when you see a little red number located by the message icon at the top of your Facebook page. Just click on that number or icon to view the message.

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Has anyone set your “roll diameter”? I have a paper that is titled “Before stitching with Quilt Path” you need to calibrate quilt path and set your roll diameter. The paper states to set my roll diameter to 3 inches, but that isn’t the Actual size of my roll. So is the 3” just a random size?

i hope someone knows something about this.


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