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Here you go:


Be sure the thread break detector is turned on (the bobbin counter only works if the thread break sensor is being used.)


1. Put in a full bobbin.

2. Turn the bobbin level dial on the side of your machine until the gauge reads "Full."

3. Quilt until you run out of bobbin on that first one (you only need to do this procedure when you switch to a different bobbin thread.)

4. As you quilt, the indicator bar will fall, but not necessarily down to just above "E"--it depends on how much thread was on the bobbin in the first place.If you want more notice before the bobbin runs out, leave a little bit of the indicator bar showing on the gauge. If you want very short notice, turn it down until only a sliver of the indicator bar still shows on the screen

5. Hit "Bobbin Reset". The indicator bar won't necessarily jump back up to "Full"--it will jump up to a new "full" level based on how much thread was on your bobbin.

6. Put in a  new bobbin and quilt.

7. When the low bobbin indicator goes off again, replace the bobbin and hit "Reset" again.


Here are the printed instructions that came with the machine:


Understanding the Controls-LW machines 1-17-14.pdf



APQS Customer Service & Education Director


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When the machine is turned off, and turned back on again, does the machine remember where the bobbin level was before it was turned off?  Or does it default to the last setting of a "full" bobbin?


If I put in a partial bobbin and use the bobbin adjustment knob to indicate a different level, have I just messed up how much the machine thinks is a "full" bobbin, so that when I later put in a new bobbin, and press bobbin reset, the setting for "full" bobbin is different?


I love the bobbin sensor when it works, but I'm having trouble getting it to work consistently...



Julia Graves

Special Occasion Quilts, LLC

Leesburg Virginia


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