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My fun time will be ending

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My fun time will be ending tomorrow. Frannie Ann is due home and I have a ton of quilts to quilt. While Frannie Ann has been visiting Amy, I have had the quilt show and now me sewing time!


I finished the appliques and borders of my Spring Bouquet by Landry Baskets  (9 mionths), cut out and stitched together a Quilt of Valor (pattern in Fon's and Porter 's Love of Quilting Mar/Arp 2014) and started a red and white pineapple quilt using the pineapple trim tool by Ann Wright.  I have had so much fun!!!



004 by delld1964, on Flickr
007 by delld1964, on Flickr
002 by delld1964, on Flickr
Thanks for looking
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Thanks, Rita! The pattern is 72 by 72 and I need it bigger for our full size bed! So I needed to add something. The border fabric is also in the applique so I knew it would Work,


Frannie Ann arrived home yesterday afternoon. Sweet hubby and I will set her back up this morning! I have 17 blocks done for my pineapple quilt! Can't believe I have been able to get so much done!


I have my BOM class to night for the Laundry basket quilt (yes, I'm way ahead of everyone else) I will be making the tiny piping to go next to the binding. The piping will be the lime green and the piping will be the blue! Maybe I will be able to quilt her in June! Got my fingers crossed. maybe I should put her on my list! LOL :D

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Beautiful tops!

When I read the topic title and saw your picture - at first I thought you meant you couldn't quilt anymore "my fun time is ending" and I thought NO - I love to see Dell's wonderful creations.  Glad to know you'll still be quilting and you are any excellent piecer too!

Thanks for sharing!



Oh NO! I can't stop quilting! It is just too much fun!!!!!  See I love to piece too and never have time anymore!  Thank you so much for your kind words! I  love your creations too and learn so very much here at our wonderful APQS forum!!!!!


BTW we just finished loading and connecting everything for Frannie Ann and I can't wait to try her out later today. I just know she will be purring prefectly again after Amy did her magic in APQS land! :P  :P  :P

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