Instead of going through the Bobbin Pull drill here is what I use

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Very short video: 2:22 minutes.

I just bought these last week.

With these little snips, about $20, I can go to start point of panto or design and do a manual Needle Up/Down (using my handle buttons) then use these Snips to pull threads away without having to move machine.

Then I hold onto the threads and tap Sew.

It's much faster than the automated bobbin pull methods.

To find them, google: todd's catch-n-cut

Georgene Huggett
APQS Sales, Service, Education
Poquoson, Virginia
APQS Millennium with Quilt Path

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Looks like a great product.  I have a pair of surgical scissors at my machine that I use, and many times have used the "hook" end to catch stitches and remove them but always wished I didn't have to hold the other blade out of the way. Looks like this solves that issue!

2009 Freedom, and a 1989 Ulti I w/Intellistitch


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I have a pair from Famore that has a hook on one blade but is not as long. The hook blade and the other blade are the same length.  They are awesome for when you have to pick out stitches.  


I also do the manual needle up/down instead of the bobbin pull.  Waiting has never been a strong point for me...  :rolleyes:

Angela Clark

Thread Waggle Quilting
APQS Sales Representative
APQS Certified Service Technician

APQS Raleigh Showroom

8521 Cantilever Way, Suite 101

Raleigh, NC 27613


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