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I have to really remind myself to SIT DOWN! When I am frogging, working on sketching a design idea, or doing intense stipple work. It really helps with back and arm strain since you can raise and lower the stool to the perfect position. However, I can't sit when I do a free hand over all pattern because I go too fast and need full arm movements.

I love my stool!

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I recommend BizChair all the time it is a great price. I bought mine there years ago. Teresa you would use it aot.  As far as changing threads I ALWAYS use my Hartley Cone holder. I don't use the one on the back unless I am doing a panto, which is seldome. Or if i am changing a lot, I can have a cone back there that I can tie off and use when I need it.

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Make sure the saddle stool is the one that raises to 36 inches, something like that.  You don't want the one that only goes to 24 inches, it won't be high enough.  I never thought I'd sit to quilt, but I love it, too, especially going around applique.  I bought mine from bizchair, but it's the office star one.  And yes, get the bar on the bottom with the rollers.

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