How would you quilt this with an all over?

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   This lady has limited budget so was a pantograph.  I am thinking about the Circle Lord board I have called LILLY to off set the straight lines of this quilt. Do you think that would work or do you have a better suggestion?  I just don't want to do a meander because it seems such a waste.



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The leafy design suggestions are what I would use. If your CL board is a curvy design, it will be nice as well.


Invisible thread might be the way to go with this high-contrast top. That way any panto or board with some curvy designs would look fine. Only texture would show and allow the fabric colors to stand out.

If you're planning on using regular thread, the choice of thread color might be more important than the actual quilting designs. Dark thread on the light areas or light thread on the dark areas will be very noticeable, so find an inoffensive middle-tone thread color to use overall. I would opt for a dark gold color and a thin thread so the sunny yellows are emphasized and it will look good on the browns as well.

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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Angela Walters, Free Motion Quilting, has some wonderful overall designs, Swirls and Circles or Lines and Vines, any one of which would compliment that quilt wonderfully.  It's a great resource that my customers love to choose and ones I love to stitch.  A book to own!



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My favorite over all is flowers, leaves, and swirls. I sometimes google the flower I want like "sunflower" and then choose the images button . It gives me lots of ideas for designs. Taupe Bottom Line thread from Superior works wonderful over different color changes in piece work.

Jennifer Bernard

My quilted jackets are on a competition journey around the country

gathering pretty ribbons (sometimes)!

Quilting with my Millennium and playing with my Quiltazoid!

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