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Dear APQS friends,
Some of you may be aware of the deadly landslides that occured yesterday morning March 22 in Washington. A fellow quilter and friend Nichole Webb is awaiting news of her missing family. Father, mother, eldest daughter and her fiance. (name removed) set up a GoFundMe account to assist the family.
Sherry Rogers-Harrison has donated a fabulous quilt that will go to one of the donors. Please consider a donation.

Thank you so much!

here is the link:


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Saw that on Facebook. I've donated, and reposted if any of you are on my friends list on Facebook. It's all there too. So sad. But, i'm hopeful for her.

F55CA928B31BF9D50E35FB71F402EFB1.png Millennium/IntelliQuilter 402-450-8321 Designer of the 1/2" foot for Ult II's.

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I cannot begin to understand the deep loss Nichole must feel, but I'm asking God to comfort her and her family and give them strength in the days ahead.

Heidi Patterson

APQS Blissed Millennium with Quilt Path

APQS Sales Rep - Educator - Authorized Service Rep

Boise, Idaho

208-861-5018 (cell)

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This is a horrible situation. There are 14 confirmed dead and a list of missing that counts over 100 tonight. Most of the houses that were swept up were actually on flat land that was across the river from the cliff. The ground broke loose and tons of dirt, trees and water came down, crossed a major road, crossed and blocked the river and swept through two neighborhoods. The edge of the landslide measures 4500 feet wide. They have no idea how many cars were on the road and crushed and buried. How horrible to lose someone this way. My thoughts are with Nichole and others who are awaiting word. It must be unbearable. 

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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