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String quilt pics - learning to use Quilt Path

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This is a string quilt that I pieced last year and I used it to help me learn how to use Quilt Path.  Thanks to Georgene I was able to get started on it last week and finished it today.  It was mostly a fun exercise, but at times frustrating and I am looking forward to learning more of the capabilities of Quilt Path. 


I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, So Fine on top and Magna Glide bobbins. Thanks for looking.




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Thanks, Dell and Pat. 


I used the Hobbs 80/20 because I thought it would give the quilt a vintage look.


Pat, the pattern is in the book, 'String Quilt Revival' by Virginia Baker and Barbara Sanders.  It is pieced on a foundation that is left in the quilt.  The instructions call for starting with a foundation the size of the block however I found that starting with a slightly larger foundation and trimming to appropriate size allowed me to better control the finished block and where the edges of the center section fell so that I could match seams.  In the book the seams (for the red center sections) do not match, and that does not work for me.  :rolleyes:  I hope that makes sense.  For the foundation I used a lightweight stabilizer and you can find them on line, precut to a variety of different sizes.

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Thank you Carmen for the pattern information.  This quilt is so beautiful .  I showed it to my husband, who hardly ever comments on quilts, but he was truly impressed with your quilting designs......said it almost looked 'gothic to him'.  He loved it and so do I.


Thanks, Pat in Texas

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