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Looking for a Millie or Gammill in the Midwest, want the whistles!

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I think Karen was asking because your post is so vague. You might not entice a potential seller to answer if you aren't a bit more specific. Posting what you can afford will go a long way and definitely help determine what size and vintage machine you may hear about.

Have you looked online at the specific sites that offer longarms for sale? That will give you an idea of what the asking price is for specific models and years. And you may find that perfect machine during your search.

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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I have a 12' Millie which I bought in June 2005 as  "Complete Millennium Quilting System" (Microdrive, Horizontal Dual Spool Holder, Hartley Fence, Base Extender, Motorized Feed) I plan to ask $9500. I live in Cincinnati Ohio. Machine has been well kept and maintained. I added zipper leads and upgraded the wheels recently.


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I have a late 2005/2006 millienium for sale for 9500.00 it is fully loaded and ready to be delivered. It does not have the hydraulic lift but it can be added they are 1500.00 new but I do come acros them from time to time for around 800.00 I can buy a aftermarket one for 1000.00 it's the same one APQS uses but without their mark up the machine comes with the following

3 year warranty

Fabric advance

Hartley fence


Micro drive handles

12' table

Delivery/shipping free

Setup & training free


Overhead lighting 395.00

Hydraulic lift. 1000.00

Machine is ready to go if your interested let me know ASAP I will be listing it by Monday

Have a nice day



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Are you still looking for a machine? I am getting ready to list my machine this week....I live in Springfield Missouri....just down 44 Hwy!!

Gamill Classic Plus Machine, 2002, 12 foot heavy duty table

·       26” throat space

·       Computer stitch length regulated

·       Micro handles

·       Dual data display

·       Extended throat plate for ruler work

·       Extra interchangeable open toe hopping foot

·       Directional horizontal and vertical locks

·       Needle up/ down

·       Single stitch button

·       Laser stylus

·       Gam guide

·       Manual with photos

·       On machine bobbin winder

·       Extra bobbins

·       Black lightbulb

·       Maintenance kit

·       Circle maker

·       Adjustable take up bar

·       Red snapper loading system

·       clamps

·       Free instructional videos by Linda Taylor

·       Will take down and help load……purchaser responsible for transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs.

·       Located in Springfield, Missouri


$ 8700


DJ Maas 848-0362

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The original post is more than 2 years old and the sender hasn't been on this site since April 2014. If you hover over the user name (blue) and it will indicate when they were last on this site. Unfortunately no contact information was included in the posting.

Quilted Stitches

APQS - Lucey

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