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It is my understanding that the Fibonacci Sequence is the perfect formula for feathering.  I have it printed out and understand how it works.  What I do not know is exactly how it works while feathering. I know if the sequence is used it makes a perfect spiral which is how to spiral the feathers.  What I Don't know is how many feathers to put into each square.  When I first started to think about it I pictures 2 in the 2 block, 3 in the 3 block 5 in the 5 block and 13 in the 13 block and so on.  The problem is that before long we are on to 34 and 55 etc.  That is way too many feathers in a small space.  Does anyone have any information on this theory?  Don't make your answer to smart or you will lose me!  I have used up most of my grey matter just understanding the sequences,

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Well, I am a math teacher and when I was in college, I ran into the Fibonacci Sequence a number of times.  For example the number of ancestors of a bee.  A female be has two parents a male and a female.  A male is essectially a clone of its mother, except for gender (not sure how tht works!) Since I have benn out of college for a while, I admit I have forgotten the other places.

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Sharon Schamber teaches how to make a pebble fill using the Fibonacci sequence to make it look interesting.  Start with one large circle, add 2 medium ones, then 3 small.  Keep going around the large circle with medium and small until it is covered, then branch out.   Any sizes you like, just mix them up in quantities of 1, 2, 3, and 5.  We didn't do anything with 8 that I recall.  


I have no idea how that relates to feathers.  Maybe the same way, for the size of the feathers.  Mix up the sizes to make them interesting, in 1's, 2's, 3's and 5's?


And it's been a few years since I took Sharon's class, so I may have described this poorly.  If so, it's my mistake, not hers :-))


By the way, I learned KISS was Keep it simple stupid.  I like the softer "sweetheart" so much better!  I'm just back from a trip to Texas, and that sounds very southern :-)

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