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Have you ever been to a "Blog Party"?  I participated in a series that Bonnie Hunter did as part of her Celtic Solstice mystery quilt last fall.  I found it was a great way to start blogging and provided a way for me to gain exposure for my quilting business.


I had so much fun, so I decided I wanted to create one around the concept of "Quilting the Quilt".  Over the next week, I am hoping that many of you will develop an idea (or ideas) on how you would quilt top I posted to my blog this week.  (This is a quilt that has been languishing in my personal stack of unquilted tops for at least a decade.)




From April 12-18th, post an idea on your blog and link to my blog.  


I'm really hoping you all come to my party!


This week I am also offer a couple of mini-tutorials on how you can bring an image into either Art and Stitch or Electric Quilt as the start of your project.


More information on all of this can be found at the following link.


Hope to see you all soon.


Kari Schell

Pattern Designer, Instructor and Quilter

APQS Millennium owner with Intelliquilter

Brooklyn Park, MN




Kari Schell

On Point Quilter

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