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Well, for a number of reasons, but one of the main one's is this:  I most always use different colors and weights of thread on the front and back sides of a quilt.  I started out that way 10 years ago and rarely have any problems with tension adjustments.  I love the fact that the thread on the opposite side isn't seen or even hinted at on the other side.  I pick whatever I like for the back, and then choose colors for the front.  I never even worry about the different weights of thread or how many different top threads I may have.  Those who know me or any of my thread painting, can see the variety and different types of thread I may use in a piece.  My first Millie was the same.  Never any problems!  I'm so glad I picked a Millie all those years ago!  The pic is a customer who brought me two fabrics she just wanted me to quilt so she can make a bunch of placemats and candle mats to sell at her church's fundraiser.  She's just going to cut them out and bind them!  Easy peasy!


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Sue! Thank you! Did you see the appliqué quilt that's the guild opportunity quilt this year? I would dearly love to win that one!



Yes I did see the opportunity quilt.  I had already bought tickets as it had been at one of my guild meetings last month.  When I saw it at the meeting it looked very familiar.  It took me a few minutes to realize that I had seen it on the forum a few days earlier.  It is beautifully quilted.  I too would like to win it but I am not holding my breath!

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