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My Renae Haddadin Arc Ruler Came - Here's My First Time Using It :)

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Ahhh!  I love this ruler.  Love.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I'm so glad I bought it!  It is a light blue acrylic with the lines etched in - I kind of think with the way you use this ruler that the lines are irritating...I kind of wish I had the clear acrylic one I have seen around the web - but I mean it's a minor complaint truly...me being picky really for the way that I like to use rulers.  In any case I ADORE it - seriously my  new favorite ruler!!!


Here's my first time playing with it - I had ordered it with this client quilt specifically in mind and while I still need to get a feel for it, I am so excited with how it's coming along!! 


Just sharing and thanks so much for those who offered their advice and thoughts on the rulers!  :)


1510612_647637375306786_2873356031017408425_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr

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Valerie, I have three (I think) of Renae's arc sets and they have come in handy! I love that you get so many choices in size. Only the smallest arc in each set has the lines though and I wished that they all did. Funny how you have differing wishes! I also have a couple of Deloas arcs. I really need to learn how to use all the arcs to their fullest potential. I think sometimes having just the right arc makes quilting so much easier! My motto is I can never have enough toys/tools!

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