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Greetings all! not a machine quilting question but can anybody suggest a way to remove " steam a seam" that has been ironed onto the right side of fabric instead of the wrong. I feel such a wally!!! :angry:


Googled and the only suggestion so far is rubbing alcohol. I am sure this isn't the first time it has been done and wondering if there are any other suggestions!


Thanks for your help


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Thanks everyone for your suggestions, you will be pleased to learn that rubbing alcohol did work on all but one circle and for some reason that just wouldn't move. Am thinking maybe that was the first one or the last one I ironed. 


You do have to go very gently tho and use a cotton bud. We can not get "Sure Clean" or "Goo Gone" here in NZ so was unable to try them. 


Once again I do appreciate how quickly you all responded to my cry for help.


Best wishes to you all


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Had the same thing happen to me on a bag I was making. I used steam a seam to hold some seams together rather than pins or clips. The seams weren't steamed, just used heat as I was just needing to hold something in place. When I turned the bag, some of that steam a seam was visible. Tried the alcohol and it worked great. This was on cotton and organza, didn't leave any marks.

I was surprised I didn't see more posts on this when I goggled it. But glad I found this one.

Stacey in South Carolina

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