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New LongBoard Design coming!!!!

Sheri Butler

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There's a new longboard design coming! Get excited ladies!  If you or your customers like the swirls, you will LOVE this board too!


Pics will be posted in about 10-14 days.  The design I gave Michael, should be in my hands the first part of next week. I've got a top the owner wants something other than swirls...hence...The Egyptian Eye Longboard!!!!


I cant wait to see this stitched out!

Michael has also tweaked it a bit for the 12" shorter in height for the smaller mid-arm machines!!  The longarm boards will be 15" in height.

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Thank you Carmen for your excellent idea.


Any orders for the Eye, from this forum, will get 20% off until May 4th.


Just email your order, or ask for more information. There will be an Eye blog





866 510 6060


If you order another Giant with it, you will get 10% off on it, or if 2, 15% off on both.


Monthly payment plan available.


King (135")Reg.Price  $329.00, Queen+1/2 ( 112")  Reg. Price$299.00.

For both 12 and 15 sizes.


Thank you for your support,


MIchael and Kay

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